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Mojo workshops


meaning: Adj: Lucky charm, spell, magical power


What is a mojo workshop?

Imagine having your very own personal logo and slogon/word to sum up the life you aspire to? Like a vision board rolled into one logo for your whole life?

You could use this on business cards, in your home as persoanl deco, as a key ring, on amug, anywhere you want to be inspired.

During this workshop we'll work through what you love, what you want to achieve, how you see your life, the image you want to give it.  You'll develop your creative skills to find a image that describes you and a wors or very simple phrase that means something to you. 

Then we'll get creative and make a peice of art work showing your very own mojo that you'll be able to take away with you and use how you'd like!

Let's get your mojo working!