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What is positivity coaching?

The Law of Attraction, made famous by the film "The Secret" is in a nutshell attracting like with like through positive thinking. 

We are led to believe that if we think about that dream house hard enough we'll get it!

Unfortunately however if it was that simple, everyone would be leading their dream lifestyle! Why aren't they? Or you, for that matter?

For one of 3 reasons

-They don't think the Law exists and continue to live how they've always lived.

-They don't fully understand the Law - not all the secrets were revealed in the film.

-They understand the Law but do not know how to put it in to practise.


Law of attraction coaching is helping you to change your thinking in order to change your life. I'll help you to become more positive, to live in the present and to give you techniques and advice to get to you there.

Remember a one degree change in your thinking can take you to totally new places...



Through one to one life coaching via Skype or face to face

By downloading free ressources here