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Hi, I'm Nicky and have lived in France since 2001, something I'd dreamt of and focused on since my high school days when I lived in Leicester, England. Since being here I had mainly taught children and adults in English until the day I received an email about reiki which changed my life. Before then I had never had reiki nor knew what it was about but just knew I had to do it. And that was it. Within 6 weeks I had done reiki level 1. I vowed I didn't need to go further until a year later a voice within me pushed me to do reiki 2. Within weeks I had gone on to level 2 as a practitioner. I always said I would never do level 3, until 1 year later I found myself booked and took my reiki 3 master teacher attunement. Along my journey I began to devour books, MP3s videos, courses on the Law Of Attraction, especially after the release of the Secret. Bob proctor was my virtual mentor, eating everything he wrote and said. Along the way I have collected others-Wayne Dyer, Abraham (Esther Hicks), Andy Dooley, to name but a few.    


Through the ups and downs of life I got to a point where I didn't want to go further down, I wanted up. Reaching this was a turning point for me when I realised that I had created my past and so I could create my future. An incredible and freeing realization. I am the artist of my life! I saw that reiki and the law of Attraction were totally connected, through energy. Being able to help someone literally change their life through the Law of Attraction, showing them how they could do it, is such a pleasure for me, as I've always had the desire to help others. Even more it dawned on me that all negativity I'd had was actually so positive as it helped me find the tools I would use to pass on to others. How could I coach someone if I'd never been through it myself? Each time I hit a low point in my life I found new tools to raise my energy, bring me up and attract better opportunities, and above all feel happy within. Through positivity coaching I will show you how to turn your life around using tools, daily practices, and alternative ways of thinking, whilst helping you find your own solutions. I will show you the gateway to a more spiritual outlook and allow you to create the life you were meant to have!